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  • Colorful Stripes Hearts Child Size Fleece Cotton Mask
  • American Flag Fireworks Blue Mask
  • Organic Fabric White Surgical Mask
  • Monkey Fleece Cotton Light Green Mask
  • White Floral Star Burst Black Mask
  • Floral Skulls Purple Mask
  • Kittens and Mittens Yellow Mask
  • Cars Fleece Cotton Grey Mask
  • Design Your Own Personalize Mask with Custom Printing
  • Orange Palm Trees Blue Mask

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Warm Masks for Cold Winter !

These special masks are made to provide extra protection from cold winter winds, snow and sleet. Mouth Shutters with fleece or wool fabric are great for when you have to walk your dog when it's cold out!

These masks make great face warmers and can be used as an alternative to wearing scarves. The outer fabric layer of these masks are made from fleece cotton or wool.

Tartan Orange Red Yellow Wool Mask
Colorful Stripes Hearts Child Size Fleece Cotton Mask
Snow Flakes Fleece Cotton White Mask
You can turn any of our mask, into a warm winter mask by adding a fleece lining!

Just purchase the additional option of a white or black fleece lining with your mask purchase. Just because it's cold out, does not mean you need to hibernate!

LOOKING FOR SOME PRODUCT REVIEWS? Have a look at our shop / product reviews at  Etsy.om . We value our customer feedbacks and strive to create the most fashionable, high quality, professionally made cotton surgical face masks. We know you will be pleased with your purchase Enjoy!


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