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Disposable Filter Option for Mouth Shutters Mask

Now you can buy any Mouth Shutters Mask with an Option that will allow you to insert a disposable filter !

Own a designer mask with style and flair that can be fitted with a disposable filter made from a pleated disposable surgical mask with a 99.9 % Bacterial Filtration Efficiency.

View our YouTube video to show you how to cut a filter to size. You can use any standard disposable pleated surgical mask as a filter.

The construction of this special Mouth Shutters Mask insures that the filter is placed in front of your mouth and nose providing filtration of particles as small as 3 microns.

This means that the majority of all bacteria, viruses, pollens and fine dust will become trapped in the filter which can be thrown away after every use.

Only you will know that there is a filter in your special Mouth Shutters mask, as it will be hidden between the cotton layers of your fashionable, stylish , "skin friendly" cotton mask.

Remember to order a "Add Filter Option to Mask" with every Mouth Shutters Mask that you order so, the mask will be made with the option that allows you to insert a disposable filter.

To find this product option use the Search bar at the bottom of each website page or click on the link above.

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