... ... Designer Surgical Mask with Designs - Reusable Cotton Surgical Masks
  • Large Pedal Flowers Mask
  • Skull Heart Sword Rose Glitter Black Mask
  • Plain Green Surgical Mask
  • Empire State New York Mask
  • Golf Apparel Mask
  • Bird Feathers Brown Mask
  • Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark floral Skulls Mask
  • Snowman Xmas Blue Mask
  • Design Your Own Personalize Mask with Custom Printing
  • Be Cool I am Not Sick

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Testimonials from Mouth Shutters Customers

Our goal is to provide products - masks that are of value to our customers. We know our customers are pleased with the quality, functionality and design of our masks from all the positive feedback that they have left behind at our shop "thefacemaskstore" on Etsy.com. This is were we started selling our products years ago. 

Only a small percentage of our customers actually return to our shop to write feedbacks at our store on Etsy, after they receive the masks they purchased 4 weeks after the fact. Etsy does not allow customers to leave feedback any time sooner, as part of their policies.  I would think that normally most people do not return to leave feedback, unless they really, really like our masks or hate them, in the case of leaving negative feedback. From all the positive feedback we have received over the years, as evident with our 5 star feedback rating, we can assume that our customers are very pleased with our product.

Furthermore, once in a while we have customers writing us "Thank You" notes in an email and sending us photos of their new masks they just received. I would like to share this photo from two satisfied customers who use our masks to fight hay-fever in the UK, when caring for there beautiful horses.

Thank you, and enjoy!





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