The Flu and You

Why We Catch Colds During Flights March 20 2016

Get a cold nearly every time you fly? Well, it's not because of the type of air on board. Whether your plane circulates fresh air -- or recirculates cabin air -- doesn't seem to make a difference, studies show. In recent years, new commercial aircraft have been designed to recirculate approximately 50% of the cabin air to increase fuel efficiency. But it's not been known whether air recirculation increases the...

COLD or FLU and why in the Winter? December 10 2015

There are over 200 different strains of “cold” viruses, mainly made up of rhinoviruses (up to 50%). The average adult in the US will get 2-4 colds per year. Up to 25% of infected people won’t show any symptoms at all. Most won’t get a fever, and if you do, it will be low-grade- around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These viruses primarily won’t transmit through the air. Instead, people become infected...

Flu Season is here... will you get the a flu shot? November 12 2015

The annual Flu season has arrive in North America. Your local pharmacy has turned on the "Flu Shot Here" flashing neon sign in their store-front window. Television news stations are probably running news segments that warn you that this years seasonal flu strain could be the most deadly ever! The message is delivered in the same manner as their weather person did last summer, warning their viewers of a coming...
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