About Us

Mouth Shutters is a brand of fashionable designer surgical face masks made by Chic Stitch. These masks have been available for sale since 2012 at Etsy.com. Christine Handler-Kralits, the Owner of Chic Stitch and the registered trade mark of Mouth Shutters, came up with the concept of these fashionable masks while travelling in Asia. Surgical style masks have long ago made their way into the general population in Asia as a clothing accessory with warnings of a coming pandemic like h1n1 and the flu. Christine has the vision that masks are destined to become a fashion accessory worldwide in the near future and hence launched her own unique brand of fashionable surgical style face masks in 2012. She believes that people will want a more fashionable mask, to be worn on it's own or in conjunction with a disposable microfibre surgical mask, to provide some protection from spreading or contracting contagious diseases.