Cotton Masks


My Mouth Shutters store has been selling face masks online to mostly USA and Canadian customers since 2013. Long before Covid-19 came along! I am the designer and manufacturer of all the masks you see on this website.

I also own and operate a Dressmaking and Clothing Alterations store called Chic Stitch in Schomberg Ontario, Canada. I am a professional dressmaker and you will see this in the quality of my masks. 

If there is one thing we should learn from COVID-19 is that we should support local small businesses, like myself,  to provide products like masks going forward. I am not one of these companies that "wave" the Canadian or USA flag on their website only to have all the masks imported for pennies on the dollar to North America for resale from Asia! I have given away masks during this pandemic to my local community. I'd like to give away more but, I have to make a living as well.

If you do buy my masks please be patient with the postal delivery service. It will take some time for delivery. I am not Amazon with trucks on the road.

Yours Truly


Stay Safe !