Add Disposable Filter

Now you can buy any Mouth Shutters Mask with an option that will allow you to insert a disposable filter! This is a great option for FLU SEASON!

Own a designer mask with style and flair that can be fitted with a disposable filter made from a pleated disposable surgical mask.

View our YouTube video to show you how to cut a filter to size. You can use any standard disposable pleated surgical mask as a filter with this special mask.

The construction of this Mouth Shutters Mask insures that the filter is placed in front of your mouth and nose providing optimum filtration.

This means that the majority of all bacteria, viruses, pollens and fine dust will become trapped in the mask.

Only you will know that there is a filter in your special Mouth Shutters mask, as it will be hidden from view between the cotton layers of your fashionable, stylish , "skin friendly" cotton mask.

Remember to buy a "Filter Option" with any Mouth Shutters Mask that you add to your Shopping Cart. If it is not clear which mask you would like us to add the filter to in your order, please specify in an email to us at  

You can also add a Fleece Lining Option to Mouth Shutters mask including masks with a Disposable Filter Option. A fleece lining will make your mask extra warm for the cold winter! 

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