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 Our Mouth Shutters surgical masks make great travelling masks for when you travel on long airplane flights, through busy airports, bus terminals and train stations wherever large crowds of people gather. Read our blog "Why We Catch Colds During Flights" for some interesting theories on the subject.

Our Mouth Shutters surgical masks are great for when you cycle on city streets and wooded trails. It keeps your face warm when it's cool out and keeps dirt / mud splatter from tires out of your mouth. 

Buy a Filter Option for any Mouth Shutters surgical mask, which allows you to insert a disposable surgical mask as an additional filter to provide added protection against inhaling viruses, bacterial, germs, pollen, dust and other harmful particulate, as well as, preventing others from catching your cold or flu when you are sick.

Buy a Fleece Lining Option for any Mouth Shutters surgical turns them into a great face warmer,  and less bulkier then a scarf. They keep your face warm from cold wind and snowy conditions when you ski, snowboard, jog or when you take your dog for a walk in the cold weather.

Our Mouth Shutters medical masks have been used as part of the postoperative care by some of our customers. Whether it is recovering from oral or cancer surgeries, our masks seem to be a more comfortable alternative to using standard disposable surgical mask. Our 100% cotton surgical masks are comfortable to wear and they do not look as "clinical" as disposable surgical masks or P95 respirators. Our Mouth Shutters surgical masks with designs are functional and look great! We have special masks with small clip art and a slogan printed like the "Be Cool I'm Not Sick" mask below.

Now you can support Prostate Cancer Awareness by wearing a Mustache in November, even if you can not grow your own!

 For the Holiday Season, we have special festive surgical mask designs! Take a look at our this unique collection of surgical masks.

Our Mouth Shutters surgical mask design features two layers of cotton fabric with adjustable elastic earloops. The mask pleats/folds expand so our surgical masks will cover your face from your nose to under your chin. A "stiffener" is sewn between the two layers of the fabric at the top of the mask, so the mask can be molded over the bridge of the nose for a better seal. 


Chic Stitch has now released special Sleeping Eye Masks - Eye Shutters!. All masks are unique and made from the finest of materials and workmanship! With an Eye Shutters mask you will now get that sleep you have been dreaming about!