Spring Showers bring May Flowers and Pollen Allergies

Now that winter is in the rear view mirror, it's time to look forward to Spring!

After hibernating during the dark cold winter, it's time to head outside and enjoy the warm Spring sunshine.Spring is not all "rosy" for some of us! With Spring showers come May flowers, that's the good part! It's the pollen that comes with flowers which is the sad part.

Pollen Allergy Surgical Mask Fashion

A lot of us spend time outside in the Spring planting flowers and then nurturing them all summer long. And those of us with pollen allergies, getting up close to pollinating flowers and plants in our gardens is when we experience the most intense allergic reactions like an unbearable running / itchy nose and watering / itchy eyes. You have two options to get some relief from these allergic reactions when spending time in your garden;

  1. You can pop a pill
  2. You can wear a surgical mask when gardening

Colorful Tulips Mask 

 If you are going to wear a mask, surgical mask, surgical face mask, mouth mask, or medical mask, you may as well wear one that is comfortable and fashionable. The disposable "plastic" surgical mask are neither comfortable nor fashionable. They make you look swear and look "sick".

Gardening Cotton Surgical Mask

Our 100 % cotton surgical face masks with designs are comfortable, reusable, washable, eco-friendly and look great! We have hundreds of surgical masks with designs to choose from. Get yours now before we are in full bloom!