Add Filter option, good for one mask


This is an option to covert one surgical face mask listing in any of our Collections to a Mouth Shutters mask that will allow you to insert a disposable filter made from a disposable pleated surgical mask .


How to buy a Mouth Shutters Surgical Mask with a Disposable Filter Option:

1. Select a mask from one of our Collections and add it to your shopping cart

2. Add this product  "Add Filter Option to Mask" to your shopping cart Each Surgical Mask Filter Option includes one disposable 3 ply pleated filter with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of 99%. This will provide you with a template to cut out your own filters from pleated disposable masks you buy in the future. When buying additional filters for your mask from a local supplier, make sure it is a pleated surgical mask so it will expand as you expand the your special Mouth Shutters mask when your wear it.

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