Red Heart Flowers Black Mask

Red Heart Flowers Black Mask

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Heart flowers, great for Valentine's Day.
The face mask is for somebody who wants to put a smile on peoples faces.
It's made out of the finest biodegradable cotton fabric and is lined with unicolored cotton ( 100%).
A nosebridge which is inserted will give you the perfect fit.
The face mask has two elastic strings sewn in, which are adjustable at the back.
The face mask fits everyone between the ages of 10 - 110.

The size of the face mask is similar to a disposable mask; it measures 18 cm x 9 cm ( expandable up to 17 cm in height ).

Your face mask will be washable and reusable.
Please wash your face mask in warm water ( gentle cycle).
Do not put the mask in the dryer, because the elastic strings will get tangled up.
After the dry you can take an iron and steam in the pleats again, so your mask will look like new.

Each mask is proudly made in Canada and will be shipped from Canada.

Happy shopping!

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